Asians does experience strong commitment and loyalty in romantic relationships because of the high value placed on relatives values, devotion, and adhering to tradition. Although this way of expressing love frequently results in expectations that must conform to cultural conventions or reduce emotions, which may be challenging for some to handle. Therapy can help identify these issues and develop strategies for expressing emotions in relationships.

Collectivist values in several Asian cultures can cause people to feel as though their views are unwelcome or unappreciated by others in their own communities. This makes it difficult to seek out help when mental health issues arise, and it can make citizens hide their intellectual illness out of fear of deceiving their loved ones.

Some participants also mentioned misunderstood and misinformation about their ethnicity and context, which can lead to uncomfortable or hazardous conditions When confronted with outsiders in public, a few participants expressed their anger at having to explain their heritage and correct misconceptions about their ancestry.

Some younger participants also discussed the difficulty of navigating a double cultural environment, especially as they begin to form close relationships, between their cultural culture and American culture. Many young South Asian women are forced to marry based on the approval of their parents, and they must follow strict rules about how they are supposed to behave in intimate relationships or face serious consequences from their family.

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